I offer my diverse skills in the form of Personal Assistance. The kind of help I offer as a personal assistant fits in nicely with the theme of achieving personal peace. Having me around to help at home or work can make your life considerably less stressful and more enjoyable.

What I offer as a Personal Assistant:

Office Assistance: Typing, data entry, transcribing, Word, Excel, online research, purchasing, inventory, errands.

Help With Tax Prep: Everything you need to do to give to your tax preparer but haven't had time to do: Sorting and totaling receipts, sorting the envelope or box you have been throwing your "tax stuff" in all year, adding up utilities and business expenses and putting all the information neatly into a spreadsheet.

Audio Recording and Editing: For doctor appointments, meetings, interviews, personal history, memorial services, podcasts.

Medical AdvocateSometimes it’s very helpful to have someone there with you at a doctor appointment or in the hospital. I can help you or a loved one determine the best questions to ask, drive you to appointments and take notes for you as the doctor talks with you.

Personal Driver: I accompany and drive you to shopping and appointments.

Cooking: I enjoy preparing meals as well as prepping for meals to make it easier for you to make your own. I am happy to do the shopping for the grocery and household items you need.

Tour Guide for fun local outings: I learned a lot about our city in my work with a previous client. I had the pleasure of taking her to some of Portland's beautiful and interesting spots. We had a lot of fun together and I have compiled a list of the places I can take you to on my "Portland Things" page.

Event Production: Event organizing, event publicity, stage managing, house managing.

Household Organization: Help with reorganizing closets, pantries, garages or sheds. Help preparing for yard sales or gathering old unneeded items for donations.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all about this or are interested in hiring me to assist you in any way. If you know of someone else who might be interested, feel free to forward this website or give them my contact information.

Sutree Irving


My fees for personal assistance are $20 per hour, plus mileage for errands.