I have been actively pursuing my spiritual education since about 2005. It has been an eclectic education in  Buddhist mindfulness, gratitude, forgiveness, meditation, energy medicine, energy psychology, law of attraction, metaphysics, quantum physics and much more.

 I first learned EFT in 2006, but then studied dedicatedly through books and DVD's starting about 2008.

I took the Reconnective Healing Level l training in 2008, and Level ll in 2009.

For the last two years I took a break from all this to care for my spouse who was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. She lived valiantly through the many challenges of that and passed in June of 2017 

I live in Portland, Oregon with my dog and cat Belle and Tanner. 

 I am

Sutree (Susan) Irving

I set out to make my own life peaceful, and I am happy to share what I have learned to help others to find peace.

Current technology has now proved the fact that everything in existence is energy, and more importantly, that this energy is affected by our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. These are things that spiritual teachers, healers and eastern medicine have known for thousands of years.

Why is it important to understand that this energetic building block of all life is affected by our consciousness?

As the negativity of sad, angry, stressed thoughts swirls around in your mind, your body experiences    the energetic quality of these emotions. The emotions trigger a hormonal response and the release of stress induced hormones into your body.

Prolonged exposure to these hormones causes physical stress on the body, resulting in dis-ease, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Emotional Freedom Technique and Reconnective Healing have had many documented cases of remarkable transformation in all these areas and have inspired me to incorporate it into my life and work.


Science has also proven that the energy we carry in our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are not contained only in our bodies, but extend out into the world around us. Knowing this I feel that it is my duty as a citizen of this planet to cultivate peace within myself.

Both EFT and Reconnective Healing have been key in my having a level of inner peace that I have never had before. I am so grateful for having discovered these two practices and I am very excited to share them now as a catalist for energetic balance and peace for each of us personally and all of us Globally. 


 I share in a rising tide of vision for a Global Community which is peaceful, cooperative and abundant for all. The practices of Reconnective Healing and EFT are my chosen methods of service for this vision. I have chosen them for their simplicity, purity and efficiency. Also for the great good they have brought, do now and will bring to our experience and evolution.