As an Energist I help support your health and well being through practices that cultivate personal peace and the free flow of your life energy. Freely flowing energy is the foundation of health, happiness, peace and well being. 

There can be numerous factors throughout our lives that throw our energetic system out of balance; emotional trauma, physical injury, financial collapse or simply disappointment and frustration with life. These all cause stress, which in turn can and often do cause physical, psychological and emotional difficulties, dis-ease and suffering.

Using a couple of very effective techniques we can transform low energy, which contributes to negative, fearful feelings and depression, to higher energy with a brighter, more positive and enthusiastic experience of life. I've researched many of these ways and have landed on a couple that I feel are simple, effective, transformational and at times miraculous.

I love offering the practices of EFT and Reconnective Healing, which are both so helpful in attaining personal peace and aligning with your original spirit, that spirit you were born with. This work has been evolutionary and transformative for me, in that I no longer suffer with near the anger, fear and stress that I use to and I live a much calmer and happier life. I am also so much more able to respond calmly to the challenges that come up in life.

With these practices I can help you bring your attention from what you are experiencing, be it discomfort, pain, emotional distress, anxiety or any form of dis-ease, back to an awareness of the beneficial life energy that is always available within you. When this connection is made  consciously and energetically, your body relaxes, your mind quiets your natural healing capability is restored.          

                       The Science of Our Heart

The Institute of Heartmath is the leading organization into the research of the heart and the field of energy emanating from the heart. Their research has shown that, "The heart is the most powerful generator of rhythmic information patterns in the human body. It functions as a sophisticated information encoding and processing center, and possesses a far more developed communication system with the brain than do most of the body’s major organs. With every beat, the heart not only pumps blood, but also transmits complex patterns of neurological and hormonal pressure and electromagnetic information to the brain and through-out the body. The heart is uniquely positioned as a powerful entry point into the communication network that connects the body, mind, emotions and spirit."

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