Sutree Irving

Portland, Oregon

Phone:   503-754-1257


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Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions at all about the kinds of personal assistance I can provide or go to my Personal Assistance page to see the list of services.

My fee for personal assistance is $20 per hour, plus mileage for errands. 


Your first session for personal energy transformation with me can be free. I am very excited about this work and how helpful it has been to me and my family, friends and clients in experiencing greater wellbeing and peace. I'm very happy to freely share the first EFT or Reconnective Healing session with you for you to experience the benefits for yourself.

My fees are $45-$75 per hour sliding scale.

 I chose a sliding scale to make this work affordable for those with lower incomes and trust that those with full incomes will choose to pay what is in line with your ability.

If you are unable to pay anything at the time of your session, we can talk about a trade for services or goods, or you can pay when you are able at a later date of your choosing.  I choose to allow fees and payments to be an organic process that works for everyone. 

I am happy to talk with you about The Emotional Freedom Technique, Reconnective Healing and Personal Assistance.

 Call: 503-754-1257


   I am able to provide healing sessions and Personal Assistance Services in person here in Portland, Oregon. EFT can also be done by phone, Skype or FaceTime.