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Energist for Peace

As an Energist I offer to help you find peace, happiness and freedom from suffering with the transformation of personal energy. Using a couple of very effective techniques we can transform low energy, which contributes to negative, fearful feelings and depression, to higher energy with a brighter, more positive and enthusiastic experience of life. 

I've given it the name New Directions For Peace because much of this work was new to me about eight years ago and is new to many people still today. We also come from and are heading in a great variety of directions. 

Consciously transforming our energy helps to bring more peace into our lives by reducing and sometimes eliminating pain and suffering caused by stress, fear, trauma and difficult life circumstances.

This work has been evolutionary and transformative for me, in that I no longer suffer with anger, fear and stress as I use to and I live a much calmer and happier life. I am also so much more able to respond calmly to the unexpected situations that come up in life. 

I love that I am able to offer EFT and Reconnective Healing, which are  so helpful in attaining personal peace and consciously aligning with your original spirit (The you you were born with before life and people taught you that you should be this, that and the other thing).

Consciously transforming our energetic makeup from stuck and bottled up to open and free flowing also helps to give us a sense of joy with life as we become more positively energetic and able to celebrate who we are and what we have to offer to our friends, family and community.

When our energy is free flowing and in a state of peace, we feed our spirit and enliven our experience of life, enabling us to celebrate our own lives and appreciate the world in ways we might not have thought possible.

The spirit of peace and joy of life exists in every one of us already and there are great ways to help us remember.


I’ve decided to share this information about Isotonix Nutraceutical Supplements because these supplements have been miraculous for us. I thought that many with digestive issues would find them as beneficial as we have. My partner was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the spring of 2015, which was removed in a major surgery the following October. The Isotonix Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics that a naturopath friend suggested to us after 4 months of trying to use the enzymes usually prescribed by doctors changed everything. 

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doTERRA's pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way we can manage our health, providing not only oils and products to support our good health and wellness, but aslo providing the information and support for utilizing them to our best advantage.

I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate to share the very beneficial wellness practice of using doTERRA Essential Oils, because I have personally experienced and witnessed how essential oils are so beneficial for our health and well being.

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is a powerful practice for transforming your experience of stressful situations, reducing and often eliminating anxiety. EFT helps release the causes of emotional and physical pain as well phobias. It helps you to open up to what you want for yourself and support your energetic harmony with your goals and dreams.

The practice of EFT is about giving attention to our energy system through lightly tapping on Meridian points. This is used in combination verbal cues from the issue troubling you, then focused intention to release whatever is causing a block to your flow of life energy.

BLOCKS IN YOUR FLOW OF LIFE ENERGY CAUSE PERSONAL SUFFERING BECAUSE YOUR LIFE ENERGY NEEDS TO BE CONSTANTLY FLOWING THROUGH YOU FOR YOU TO FEEL HAPPY AND HEALTHY. Blocks are created during emotional and physical disturbances and can remain in place from the moment of the disturbance.

EFT helps to release the emotional charge left in the body by unpleasant or traumatic emotional or physical experiences. It also helps to release limiting beliefs which can stop us from taking the steps we want to have full happy lives.

It is so remarkably effective that many “Talk Therapists” have moved to practicing EFT almost exclusively.



Reconnective Healing utilizes a spectrum of light and consciousness that supports our reconnection to the universe and to the fullness of our very being. 

As we interact with these very loving, nourishing frequencies of light, density or blocks in our energy bodies dissipate, allowing your life energy to flow more freely.

The intent and result of Reconnective Healing is essentially that of being a catalyst for your return to your true spirit, enabling your well being on all levels, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. 



I have decided to add another aspect to the work I am doing now, which is offering my diverse skills in the form of Personal Assistance. I am still very committed to EFT, energetic connection and transformation, and the peace and enjoyment of life that can come through these practices. 

I thought offering assistance for personal, work and the more practical aspects of life would be a good addition. The kind of help I can offer as a personal assistant fits in nicely with the theme of achieving personal peace. Having someone around to help with different projects at home or work can make your life considerably less stressful and more enjoyable.

The kinds of service I provide are:    

 Personal peace is key to happiness,  well being and global peace.

I have always been a proponent of peace, but a few years back I realized I was very much committed to global peace as well. Peace for everyone and every living thing, in that we are all able to thrive equally.

I feel so deeply that it is not for me to choose that any form of life or any part of the earth should suffer so that I have convenience. I also realized that the key to creating global peace starts with my own peace.