I've wanted to do a blog for a long time and could never seem to get to it. Then I heard about the My Talking Pet App and started playing with it. I find it to be a perfect way to share thoughts, the Wisdom of Dogness. 

If you really like Dogness Wisdom you can go on YouTube and subscribe. That way you will get a notice when we share new inspiration.  Click on this  link: Dogness Wisdom

Then click on the "I" on the top right corner of the video that shows up after it plays. Then the red "subscribe" button will be displayed and you can just click on it.

The videos take a few moments to load.

Sadly, Tyler passed on 3 years ago. I do like to go batch and watch these videos and remember his Dogness.

To see all of the Dogness Wisdom Videos go to Dogness Wisdom on YouTube 

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